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Jerrybag offers you a chance to enjoy your daily life with style and meaning.

A perfect fit for any occasion, our designs are inspired from the non-profit product called One+ Bags, which are made in Uganda. The reflectors on the bag keep you safe in the dark, while the material, adjustable knot, and simple look gives you comfort. It is our goal to continue to design a product that solves social problems while introducing valuable and meaningful merchandise to our global customers.

The Jerrybag started in 2014 in Uganda, Africa when we witnessed children carrying heavy water cans, called jerrycans, along unconstructed and unsafe roads. It was then that the One+ bag was designed to ease the children’s burden. For every bag that is purchased, 1 One+ bag will be manufactured by local Ugandan women in a studio, and delivered to children in need via international NGO partners.

Design For A Better Life
Jerrybag means a bag containing jerry can, a plastic water bottle used to carry water for living in Africa. When purchasing Jerrybag, One+ bag is made with UGANDA women to carry the heavy bucket more conveniently and safely. SEE MORE